Monday, March 12, 2007


It's weird. You'd think that having been a dictator when I was still alive that I would be very confident and all, but really, I'm not at all. I feel very shy starting this new blog. Swirling thoughts abound like "Will anyone really read this?" and "Will ANYONE even give me a chance to start fresh without all the prejudging and assuming, blah blah blah?" Its scary. One day you're a dictator. The next you are sweating it out going shopping down the aisles of Hell Depot looking for a toilet and tiles for your kitchen like any other spirit in the Underworld. Anyway, I feel depressed tonight but alive too in a dead way. So, cheers to me for starting this new blog! yay me!


maggie said...

I too wish that you had seen the market while you were alive. perhaps all that happy hippiness that is there would have made you less of a bad person in life. you seem pretty rad now that you are in hell!

Mitzie said...

Love the blog and you. I adore dictators and in fact write them love poems. Keep up the great work in the underworld but don't change too much.

Swirly said...

Word to your motha.